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Hi my name is Pat Fullerton I would like to introduce my Blog. I’m new to Blogging and I ampat2.jpg just beginning to familiarise myself with the process. For all those Bloggas that may look at my site, if you have the time and the inclination, please drop me a line on the subject of my content or format. I would appreciate some knowledge in the art of good Blogging. I’m ready to start looking around the community and leaving a few thoughts where I find things of interest. So who knows, maybe I’ll drop in on your Blog. Look forward to communicating with visitors and Bloggas alike.

Notice to Visitors ……………..Pages are on the left, Links are on the Right
This site has NOT been put together purely for Business Associates and Potential Clients as a tool for interacting with Future Advents. It has been put together with ALL visitors in mind. A number of the Tools are bias to the UK, because of the nature of their services. It is still hoped, that the Tool Links listed on the ‘Right,’ are still useful to all visitors -in their daily Internet activities and their personal lives.

For that reason, it is hoped that the Tools are useful for all regular Net Users. So, please consider putting this Site in your Favourites, or ‘maybe’ on your desk top as a Short Cut.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:FINALLY IT’S READY:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-

~~~~TAKE A LOOK~~~~

Take a look at an example of some of the tools used to support a project, CLICK An example of what Future Advents can do for your Project,” CLICK.

A few words of wisdom from a great poet:

Sweet Hope, that follows man’s wondering purpose, treads by his side, gladdens his heart, and comforts his old age.

Tim Mc Graw

Cara Dillon

Mr Pitiful – Get a Little Closer




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  1. David Carroll said:

    Hi Pat, its David Carroll, please get in touch, my email address is

    Would love to chat and catch-up.

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