The Site for Problem Solving.

Step forward and tell your story and who knows you may find the answer to your problem without having to consider additional costs to obtain the professional advice or services to resolve the issue.

If not, take a look around, you may get some ideas that help you to make an informed decision, on the best approach to add too what is required to get your project off the ground. What ever that project may be: Planning a Long Vacation, Working on your Home, Planning a House or Real Estate Deal, or Planning your Future Development Training Program, all of these are valid projects, getting them up and running the way you want, now that’s project management.

So feel free to drop in and who knows, that dream may become a reality.

What projects are you considering or are about to start or have already begun? Are you feeling the worries that begin as you get into the project, so not feeling as comfortable as you did when the idea first turned into action?

For those who have started let me see if I can surmise the issue(s) that maybe developing:

  • The degree and quality of the planning is starting to worry you, it’s just not happening as your planning said it would or you believe it should.
  • Your planning is beginning to expose its effects of not including what’s happening to your project and you’re desired outcomes are beginning to feel threatened, due to the many factors and your project planning knowledge isn’t turning it around -and its costing you money and your still loosing control.
  • Your contractors or service suppliers feel ‘too you’, as though their running the show, even if it’s just their knowledge that’s exposing itself, it’s not how it feels to you.
  • Your contingency has gone and the project has just begun.
  • The details and information you have, seem to relate to another project, as it does not relate to yours in its present form, when comparing the two.
  • The project seems to be out of control and taking on a life of its own.

It’s time to not just consider how to take back control, but to actively move on the issues, although not in the manner of a ‘coup’, but, by bringing back the time for communication, evaluation and the qualification your project needs. This is the essence of good project management and the basis of quality delivery.

Handled correctly, by people armed with the knowledge and information, there is no reason for those who are involved, feeling anything but support; once their human response to new and additional involvement has been overcome in their minds; who can be forgiven for feeling threatened by late arrivals, and or revaluation of the plan.

So do what’s right for those and by those whose project and money is being spent. Most of the time, the simple act of communication and qualification of the facts and an agreement by those involved, can begin the process of bringing the project back on line.

At this point in time there is no confirmation that you need an additional party(s) involved to get back on line.

For those who are in that situation, I hope you will see this as an opportunity to clear your mind by explaining or expressing the project problem(s). If a few words of advice or hearing another summary of the issues are sufficient to get your project back on line. Then I’m happy we as a collective can find resolution. By which I mean comments from any participant may find the answer. If there are those out there, who wish to express their project issue(s) then feel free. Who knows, we don’t always know, what we thought we wanted, was not what we wanted, until we spoke to some one about it.

For those who are prepared to read the examples and look at the issues, there are two value warnings, first exposing issues that may be razing their heads -and, the resolution as well as the confidence that is found from the normality realised from the experiences being shared.

Don’t forget feel free to drop in and who knows that dream may become a reality, or those problems solved.



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