The Site for Problem Solving.

Say you have a problem with an application. You want to know how to set a particular group of dynamic formula, in your familiar Excel document you use regularly for example for doing: accounts, indexing records, separating and departmentalising, handling information and transferring parts to different locations or reports, just to mention a few active data controls available in a number of Applications-and you don’t know how to do it. Mr Excel’s site Mike Girvin

Or build a specific template in Excel, Word or any other Application. Or you just want to learn more about the application, you have tried to develop a specific idea you have, but can not get on top of the Application’s facilities to produce the work sheet or file template. Or you just have an idea for a template for the office or home computer, but don’t how to produce the object.

If you send me a description of the desired format and outcome you’re looking for, I will attempt to produce that object in a small video for you -like the YouTube or Metacafe videos you see on the Net. If it’s quite complicated, do a pencil drawing, scan it, save in pdf format -and send it to me. I may have to answer your comment before you can send it, I’m not sure if the comment box allows attachments at this time.

At some point, if I have enough examples in video form, you may just need to look for an example close to the item you need from the list, to learn how to do it yourself, but we’ll see.

By you recognising the specific issue and how having a visual example specific to your interests, it may translate to many areas of the things your trying to do and so begin the process of developing your approach to these Applications. Rarely did I see the specific trick(s) of the Application tools expressed in video specific to my needs, at the particular time when I needed them and in a form easy to understand. But, that situation is in the past. Try it out. Send the issue and if I can help I will and in the form of a small Video, so you really see how it’s done.

In addition, I have spent the last 14 years working and playing with software, I have a reasonable understanding of a number of products and I am confident I can point you at an area of software packages that can work for you, based on your need and hopefully easily understandable in practice.

I’m not affiliated to any software product now, but who knows what the future may bring, if there’s a change I will declare that interest. I will always try to answer your needs first to the best of my ability. And, if there are a number of examples of that software, I’ll send you links -as I can not give you the degree of software info that a site selling that item may have on display, so you will understand the package and its usage. And if you have any questions come back and ask I’ll do my best to answer your query.

Oh yes, and still look around for other suppliers if you decide to buy, just in case there are better deals elsewhere. It’s You, that must make your mind up as to whether to make the choice or not. I will be satisfied with the act of having a productive site that hopefully attracts registered and affiliated users someday.


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