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A Small Project

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Future Advents have been in involved in numerous projects over a considerable number of years. With a broad knowledge of the industry, both in practical terms as well as in management terms. We have taken on various roles in support of various projects with project values from as little as £10,000 to projects of £20,000 000

These experiences have supported the gathering of real project knowledge as a result of carrying out both construction and management based activities. Working closely with the two groups in the industry has resulted in a broad knowledge of management procedures and project planning, as well as the issues that exist as part of the nature of projects for those practical members of the team.

The following is a project we became involved in 2004. This type of item has been the type of project FA have been asked to carry out due to our broad ranges of skills and knowledge in the industry. The example below, whilst in general the process is standard render applications, the façade ornate details required a broader knowledge of cementious materials and application processes.


This is a concrete block building all of the details on the face of the building were built in situ. The Sills, Toe detail (the band running parallel to the Sills, the Projections (or Mouldings) were all Hand Made and built into the finished render, which had an Ashlar finish on the ground floor. The Rendering and Façade details were carried out by FA in 2004.

By Pat Fullerton

Small Projection Detail

Project Video

Front Elevation

Future Advents carried out all of the work you see in this slide show. This includes the manufacturing of the Doors, Windows and Roof plus the Velux Window. Manufactured in Oak and designed and manufactured in our workshop. Finally installed by Future Advents directly. No subcontractors were used during the project.

If you wish to see the photos in a dedicated page just click the slide screen.


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