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An example of what Future Advents can do for your Project.


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First, as stated on page “Future Advents’ Project Services,” as an ‘example,’ you have decided to build a House or carry out a refit to a commercial building you bought. You have had your drawings drawn up and your local LGO has been notified. Your application has been approved and now your ready to go.

This is where Future Advent’s Services work for You. We can carry out the majority of the Project’s Project Management, Planning and Administration of the Project by REMOTE ACCESS. What this means is, as the majority of the project is administrative based at this point; less the introductory site visit to experience the environment. The information collection process is generally technical, so can be carried out ‘Electronicaly’ and stored at a remote access point or Electronic Office:

  • Future Advents can be sent all of the relevant documents electronically. We can advise you if there are further details of the project required which will support your pre planning process. With ‘your written permission,’ contact your architect or draughtsman and have them send Future Advents an electronic copy or posted copy of your Drawings and any other relevant documents .
  • FA can then take those drawings, breakdown the elements of the Project into modular forms.
  • Carry out the normal project duties: Budgeting, defining the Scope of Work, the Specification etc.
  • Carry out the Pre-project Planning, setting up a Project Package precisely to your requirements.

Open the documents below and print for comparison.

The following are some examples of the kind of documents as part of the project planning process you can expect, these are more report based documents in this example. There will still be the more standard document formats you might expect but these particular documents are reports, which make the process of looking at the project quite object formatted.

If you wish to print the following Reports, you may find it easier to see the intimate relationship shared between these documents. The documents cross-reference one another, so you can follow each and every item of the project, a little like painting by numbers. A3 print format is ideal but A4 will work.


The following is an example of one of the Services Future Advents can bring to your Project.


Project Budget Report: budget-report.pdf

Project Budget to elements Report: budget-item-detail2.pdf

Project Materials Report: resource-material.pdf

Project Schedule Report: projectschedule.pdf

Amended Schedule Amended-Project-Schelue.pdf

Project Resource/Supplier Report: resource-usage-amened.pdf

Project Site Support Report: support-notes2-amended.pdf

Project work Cash Flow Report: cash-flow.pdf

NOTE: If you are having problems viewing these documents you can go to Adobe and get their Free Adobe 8 Reader


A brief breakdown of the activities following the information gathering process.

All of the provisional documents are now in place, now we consider the details of those documents. Nothing is set in stone in document terms we can make what ever amendments we choose at this point.

Defining the work detail.

The previous process has set up the vocabulary and the objects as well as the qualification of those objects. At this point you will have the Scope of Works and the Specification documents in place. Following an audit of the work detail and assuming we are happy, you are ready to initiate the project.

Satisfying the client.

If you are happy with the detail of the information the next step is to move forward, if not, we adjust to suit your interest or additions. With controls in place (supplied by future advents), you can make the decision whether to manage or employ a manager for your project or involve FA further in the next step.

Procurement of resources.

The Procurement process. The act of inviting Contractors (or suppliers) to Tender for the individual packages, allowing you to secure your suppliers for the project. All of the paperwork you require will be in place at this point. This will be the first opportunity to take full control of the project, as you will be fully prepared.

Updating the project records.

Future Advents’ role, assuming the procurement process it carried out by you as PM and your manager, will be to wait for your decisions as too your chosen contractors. We would then update your Project Pack, to reflect the agreed costs, against Scope of Work and Specification. Once the contractors are confirmed the Orders will be placed and Contracts set in place. You now have everything in place to begin the next stage of the project.

Easy change options.

If you require further amendments to your project’s elements, we just factor them into the Pack. When portions of the project requires additional support, due to Variations or Additional items, we can continue to adjust the Project Folder as required.

Systems applied to the project.

To ensure the project stays under control, for those who wish to manage their own project. Future Advents can protect and support you with the quality of our PM and QMS skills and the systems, which can step in and ensure an issue is resolved whenever important issues arise.

Client’s choice of degree of involvement.

You can continue to accomplish the activities your best qualified too around the project, without the project suffering from either your lack of project experience or time constraints. The Interior Fit Out is an important part of the project and it too requires a planned approach to execute the process to a successful conclusion. The use of the PM systems will qualify and crystallise the elements of the project in a clear manner, leaving you feeling in control at all times. Keeping your understanding of the project equal to that of your manager’s.

Continuing support.

Some Client’s may believe at this point ‘well, that’s it, the project is comprehensively evaluated, so, that’s it, all done. The orchestral processes will be in place. What must also be recognised is there will be changes to the plan, whilst on a well ran ship, the course is set; there will however, be developments and those trying moments.

You can rest assured that there is someone who can help. Whether its you or your chosen manager, that requires support, that support will be there. With information in your hands and with support, you will be capable of monitoring the project’s development and potentially enjoy the experience too.

Reports and Document Service

These are just some of the reports and Documents available and there are many support documents and templates available for your individual needs. We can produce specific object documents unique to your preferences, so that they express the approach and detail you require. Having these Services mean the models you are working with are familiar to your present approach. Drop a line and ask for details.

What are the advantages of this approach.

This approach of carrying out the majority of the work by REMOTE ACCESS, has a number of advantages to previous client deliverables. A list of some of those advantages are listed below.

This approach to delivering the service allow smaller projects to have access to the same services the larger projects employ and without the large organisational costs and experience. One of the aims of this approach is to have all of project’s information in an environment that ensures that the documents and the information is accessible at all times -and at the press of a button, promoting action and without delay, on any details of the project.

Some of the advantages are listed as follows:

  • The project documentation can be housed and accessed from the Internet, allowing the project’s files and the information of the project to be accessible at any time and from anywhere.
  • In-effect the project and those managing it will be sharing an electronic office. The more important documents having further security by being encrypted for password admittance only options.
  • There is no IT qualification required, (the experience would be like surfing the Net).
  • You can also use any mode of file transfer (Email, Fax and Copied and Posted documents etc.), Future Advents can update the individual electronic file system.
  • Amendments, developments and issues, can be resolved with confirmed decisions, using all of the options available in the transfer of information.
  • Making use of equipment like video camera, web cams and the Internet, to expedite the transfer of the issue and finding the resolution. Improving and reducing Costs, (in the forms of resolution delays), due to: Time lost, Meeting arrangements and Travel investments, as well as the administration delays, due to the transfer of information between companies and departmental involvement.
  • Using the QMS procedural approaches means there will be policies and procedure in place ready to attack the issue and house the relevant documentation that is born out of the situation requiring resolution.

Note: If you have any comments, or you wish to ask a question, use the Comment Box below. Your e-mail address will not be viewed by anyone but FA and if you would prefer a private conversation just leave a short message and I’ll contact you, as soon as possible.

By Pat Fullerton



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