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Starting a Blog

Are you looking around at these sites and keep thinking, ‘I’ll have to get one of these some day’. Well why not today. I’m new to Blogging myself and kept on saying the above, for years, not months. Well listen, WordPress are as good, as site facilities come. They are Helpful, Reliable and the Services are ‘pure quality,’ so have a look at my first Post, Pat Fullerton and start from there.

I guarantee your Blog will be on the air by the time you have prepared your next meal. No money is required. Your account will be up and running in 10 minutes and your Blog within 20 minutes. So here’s the Link Press it and Join the Internet community called Blogsville, (sorry its not true, that’s me playing on words, the term is blogisphere), or begin that little business site you have been talking about. Good Luck, if you do it, drop us a line line and say how it felt.

Oh yes, when you go to my first Post, the help you need is just a few clicks away; just click on the names and see their videos, so no need to read what may feel like abstract text.


Hello world!

Hi Bloggers and Visitors, this is my new Blog as you can see. I have only just begun to build the site, so please keep looking and keep up with the changes. Hopefully I will be able to point you to both useful Tools, if I haven’t got them myself for supporting your Adventures in guidance or constructive tools, as well as support where I can give it. If you have issues surrounding various subjects like: Construction, Business, Application Tools/Software, I will try to supply the answer. You may be told, ‘I ‘m Sorry, I can only direct you to a thread on the subject’. It’s still worth a try though, isn’t it, ISN’T IT.

Pat Fullerton

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Hi Bloggas and Visitors. This is my first post and I’m looking forward to the long road of development ahead. I’ve started taking a look and advice from Blog Tutorials from Good Sharers i.e. Zug, ( Chris Abraham, I will leave this video in, only because it’s of use to new Bloggas. But, Abraham should not be trusted in general) and Keith Baxter Thanks for sharing your knowledge one and all, looking forward to my Future Advents.