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Managing your business for deveolopment and success

ISO 9001 2000 Management systems

There is no such thing as a business without administration. As your company develops so too will the administration requirement, not only to keep records, but to leave rational trails back to all the activities of the business. We have moved on from the days of having unique and individual company approaches in administration terms. Business today wants to know that your company has all of its activities well-defined and fully assessed, in the policy and procedures that expose your service knowledge. Without knowledge of the activities and service outcomes you are doomed to at best to struggle and stay as you are, at worst, to deliver a poor out-come for You and your Client.

So here are the big secrets to success:

  • Start off with a good product worth selling in a competitive marked place.
  • Make sure you have complete control over the requirements to deliver every time, as an ideal -and when not, have systems to recover the issue.
  • Ensure your approach has your customer’s requirements in ‘mind’ and in ‘practice’.
  • Ensure the procedures are backed-up by well thought out policies and ensure their procedures are in place, to ensure production and service delivery, as well as after sales support, all must exist.
  • To ensure your continued success and development there must be determination and desire to train and evolve.

Note of advice, Reality Pill!

  • Without the determination and desire for continued development, your market/niche will slip away. It’s a matter of business logic and survival. As it is in nature, one animal’s kill, can quickly become another’s lunch. If that instinct to develop and defend is not in you, then stick to your artisan abilities or employment, by which I mean your direct labour value. Be happy with your focus on your personal adventures in life. Business is not for all, it’s a way of life.

As a word of wisdom, “A good man is a happy man, and a happy man is a man who knows his place”.

For those who haven’t been put off, I can confirm one of the great tools that are used by all successful companies whether it is called by one name or another. The name I wish to choose to call it by is its internationally excepted name ISO 9001 2000 or QMS. Quality Management Systems are a wonderful tool kit, for those who fully understand its value and Application. The ISO 9001 2000 tool kit, is the skeleton, on which the successful companies we see growing and succeeding use religiously and their knowledge of their business ‘could not’ exist, without some variant of this system if not the specific item.

Ray Tricker is an excellent author of ISO books on this subject and whilst I will take you through the subject, my offer, is to teach and develop your knowledge in this and other related business practices, on a person to person basis. If you wish to contact me for consultancy on this subject and other matters of business development processes and tools drop me a line and I will contract you directly.

Now obviously there are other elements also, in the ingredients to success. ISO or QMS are where the activity of rational consideration and alteration of practice to best practice begin, in our pursuit of understanding and development. I will leave a short videos at the bottom to illustrate one of those elements from a great thinker W. Edward Deming

I am more than happy to direct my visitors to Ray’s site he is truly a fine gentleman with exceptional knowledge and tools to offer companies looking to develop in this area, as in others. Whilst our interest clash, I have great respect for Ray’s qualities and expertise. Also, in my view, there are great numbers of companies who can profit from such systems and good advice, leaving plenty for all, on the table of opportunities to be shared.

Knowledge and Approach

Dr. Edward Deming was a 91 year old visionary at the time of these videos, who has had his views on business validated by his success in teaching the Japanese managers how to find success. Looking at their production, quality and delivery to the customer, all of the elements that make-up, both best product and best practice. Whilst his tool is recorded statistical data, the uses of that data is for continual improvement of every practice the company undertakes during its existence.

W. Edwards Deming – Part 1

W. Edwards Deming – Part 2

W. Edwards Deming – Part 3

Dr. Deming – The 5 Deadly Diseases 1984


Finances need attension

Here is a tool that will help those who aren’t earning as must as they need and are struggling to understand and come up with a plan for improving their overall income. Its easier to just give you access to the tool and leave you to make sense and use of the object.

You put the values in the ‘boxes,’ which relate you your finances and you can see clearly what the outcomes are at this moment and you can assume different situations to analyse the outcomes. This could be quite important for those who may be considering retraining to increase their opportunities. Evaluating your finance options Permitted is the password for having access to data entry.

Tool for planning

Spreadsheet Tool

This spreadsheet can be used for a number of applications. Its useful for a small business or home budgeting and accounts forecasting. For having a look at that mortgage deal you’ve been offered. For those budding Solicitors for handling their accounts. If your in a situation where you need to keep the Maths, the Document index and filing system in one place, this is for you.

For those looking to put a project or feasibility study together.

When I built this spreadsheet for a specific project, there were so many elements to the project that it just got out of hand. So, I hope you like it and if you do, please don’t copy and send on, allow me to have the visitor, who knows they may like the site and return. If your friends or family can make use of it, that’s great! Also if a long the way, you need a little adaptation to the object or you have an issue, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do. Just Click . Password ‘Permitted’ will allow data input.


When you open the particular template sheet go to the top left hand corner and press on the corner header box. This will change the colour of the sheet high lighting the full sheet. Press the keypad to trigger the password box and enter the password. Now your ready to work with the sheet. Some sheets may require you to point precisely to the start point and then, by dragging the mouse down to the end position where you wish to but in your data.

REMEMBER when you make use of the remote access file storage and display services, you must remember to keep copies as backups. The great value in these services do not include guaranteed storage, its the individual’s responsibility to have Best Practice with their protection of valuable personal files; just remember why we have insurance on our cars and Homes -you just don’t know what might happen tomorrow!

Templates and Tools

Over the coming period ahead I will put a number of Templates and Tools on my site to support you in various areas of both business and home computer activities as well as for those studying. As previously stated in earlier posts I will make these tools available to visitors and if there are any specific requirements feel free to drop me a line.

Help with that new Blog

Have you had a look at my post starting a Blog? If you have and despite viewing the videos you still feel these videos are to complicated to follow, then drop us a line. I can appreciate the language being somewhat difficult for those with only Net user experience. So, I may be able to help in two ways. I could send you a small video with less detail in the terms and a simple ‘list’ to follow to install the software. This should help you to set up the Blog ready for you to ‘write’ and install your ‘photos’ etc. I feel Chris Abraham’s video may be the the easiest to follow for additional support. Any problems drop me a line, good luck.

The new growing Net way of none textual Communication in the 21st Century

Say you have a problem with an application. You want to know how to set a particular group of dynamic formula, in your familiar Excel document you use regularly for example for doing: accounts, indexing records, separating and departmentalising, handling information and transferring parts to different locations or reports, just to mention a few active data controls available in a number of Applications-and you don’t know how to do it. Mr Excel’s site Mike Girvin

Or build a specific template in Excel, Word or any other Application. Or you just want to learn more about the application, you have tried to develop a specific idea you have, but can not get on top of the Application’s facilities to produce the work sheet or file template. Or you just have an idea for a template for the office or home computer, but don’t how to produce the object.

If you send me a description of the desired format and outcome you’re looking for, I will attempt to produce that object in a small video for you -like the YouTube or Metacafe videos you see on the Net. If it’s quite complicated, do a pencil drawing, scan it, save in pdf format -and send it to me. I may have to answer your comment before you can send it, I’m not sure if the comment box allows attachments at this time.

At some point, if I have enough examples in video form, you may just need to look for an example close to the item you need from the list, to learn how to do it yourself, but we’ll see.

By you recognising the specific issue and how having a visual example specific to your interests, it may translate to many areas of the things your trying to do and so begin the process of developing your approach to these Applications. Rarely did I see the specific trick(s) of the Application tools expressed in video specific to my needs, at the particular time when I needed them and in a form easy to understand. But, that situation is in the past. Try it out. Send the issue and if I can help I will and in the form of a small Video, so you really see how it’s done.

In addition, I have spent the last 14 years working and playing with software, I have a reasonable understanding of a number of products and I am confident I can point you at an area of software packages that can work for you, based on your need and hopefully easily understandable in practice.

I’m not affiliated to any software product now, but who knows what the future may bring, if there’s a change I will declare that interest. I will always try to answer your needs first to the best of my ability. And, if there are a number of examples of that software, I’ll send you links -as I can not give you the degree of software info that a site selling that item may have on display, so you will understand the package and its usage. And if you have any questions come back and ask I’ll do my best to answer your query.

Oh yes, and still look around for other suppliers if you decide to buy, just in case there are better deals elsewhere. It’s You, that must make your mind up as to whether to make the choice or not. I will be satisfied with the act of having a productive site that hopefully attracts registered and affiliated users someday.