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Templates and Tools

Over the coming period ahead I will put a number of Templates and Tools on my site to support you in various areas of both business and home computer activities as well as for those studying. As previously stated in earlier posts I will make these tools available to visitors and if there are any specific requirements feel free to drop me a line.


Help with that new Blog

Have you had a look at my post starting a Blog? If you have and despite viewing the videos you still feel these videos are to complicated to follow, then drop us a line. I can appreciate the language being somewhat difficult for those with only Net user experience. So, I may be able to help in two ways. I could send you a small video with less detail in the terms and a simple ‘list’ to follow to install the software. This should help you to set up the Blog ready for you to ‘write’ and install your ‘photos’ etc. I feel Chris Abraham’s video may be the the easiest to follow for additional support. Any problems drop me a line, good luck.

Starting a Blog

Are you looking around at these sites and keep thinking, ‘I’ll have to get one of these some day’. Well why not today. I’m new to Blogging myself and kept on saying the above, for years, not months. Well listen, WordPress are as good, as site facilities come. They are Helpful, Reliable and the Services are ‘pure quality,’ so have a look at my first Post, Pat Fullerton and start from there.

I guarantee your Blog will be on the air by the time you have prepared your next meal. No money is required. Your account will be up and running in 10 minutes and your Blog within 20 minutes. So here’s the Link Press it and Join the Internet community called Blogsville, (sorry its not true, that’s me playing on words, the term is blogisphere), or begin that little business site you have been talking about. Good Luck, if you do it, drop us a line line and say how it felt.

Oh yes, when you go to my first Post, the help you need is just a few clicks away; just click on the names and see their videos, so no need to read what may feel like abstract text.