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Developing Project Management Skills


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Project managers are multitalented folks. You need to master several skills for success in the field of project management. Many of the skills we’ll cover in this chapter are the same kind of skills you’d need in most any profession. (Skills specific to project management will be covered in subsequent chapters.)

By far, the most important skill you’ll need in order to succeed as a project manager is communication. This chapter discusses the importance of communicating effectively, and it will remain the underlying theme for all of the topics we’ll cover here. Organizational skills are probably the second-most-important skills you’ll need for a successful career in project management. These include things like employing time management techniques, setting priorities, and managing information.

We’ll cover each of these topics in this chapter. At the end of this chapter, you’ll have a solid foundation of management skills to help you on your next project.

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • General management skills

  • Organizing techniques

  • Communication skills and styles

  • Exchanging information

  • Active listening

Project Management JumpStart
by Kim Heldman ISBN:0782142141
Sybex © 2003 (400 pages)




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  1. Barb White said:

    I totally agree. Effective communication
    skills are essential for managers. Communication
    is the one thing that will get you the results or not

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