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If your about to consider a project in Construction or Business in general, we can supply the Tools you need to be in control. The pre planning process, Budgeting and Procurement, (Resources and support to find the Contractors to fulfill the project). We can deliver the program and schedule the precise detail of the works; so that You are comprehensively aware of the project’s current position and its stage of development.

The language used here is not Project Management oriented, as it is felt it may put off the smaller Project Makers or Entrepreneurs from feeling this is for them. There are many small projects that one may feel, can neither afford nor require such Services; this is not the case. The cost can be a fraction of the project’s value and pay for itself, in the savings resulting in good PM approaches. Somebody at some point will take on these roles, either as each part takes off or as the project unfolds in front of your eyes.

Let’s look at an example of how these services can work.

You have decided to build a house or carry out a refit on a commercial building you have bought. The first part is quite straight forward. You have the drawings drawn up and you make your Application to your local government office. Once you have the LGO’s agreement, your ready to go.

Now this is where the fun begins. For those who have already experienced a small project, many of the object statements referred too here will hit old nerve endings still tender from the experience. Whilst for some, it exposed their vocation in life, for others, the memories of a worrying and frustrating time.

Here is where our Services come in. Using structured policies and procedures taken from PM and Quality Management Systems or ISO 9001 2000. We ensure all aspects of the project are taken into account. There are many aspects to be considered when dealing with the various organizations and companies involvement in the project. We can carry out part of or all of the project management elements as you require us too. As an example, we could support your Project in the following manner:

  • Carry out the Pre-contract Planning.
  • Qualify and deliver the Project Plan, so that you know where your going.
  • Dealing with the Procurement process and the Contractors on matters of Scope of Work, Specification and Contract detail.
  • Come up with the precise schedule for managing the project.
  • Support you directly or indirectly should you require additional support.
  • Take on the management of the project as and when required.
  • Take control and responsibility on your behalf.
  • Guide and support you and your chosen manager as required.

There are other areas where we can help and there is more detail explaining precisely what those Services in-tail, as opposed to the loosely referred too list above. At this moment the areas outlined are to give you some idea of the services and options we offer. Precise detail of the services and the options will be described as we continue qualifying the precise elements involved in each service and their relationship and value to one another.

By P Fullerton



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